About Us

Who We Are

Since its inception in June 2013, ANTECH Informatics Ltd. has grown at a rapid pace venturing in new markets and new products continuously. We have forged strategic alliances with premium brands distributors and solution providers to offer synchronized integrated broad based solutions to our customers.

ANTECH Informatics Ltd operates in the ICT sector as a core distributor / wholesaler and service provider of branded & cloned computer systems, parts & components, laptops & tablets, network & firewall, accessories and consumables. We are very proud to be a part of the ICT bandwagon in Mauritius with a view to provide our customers with a high quality and cost effective turnkey IT solutions.

The company and its employees are driven by a common motto i.e "Customer Satisfaction" and thus would leave no stone unturned to achieve this objective. We strongly believes in establishing serious long-term relationship with our partners and clients by working together so that respective business objectives of the organizations can be achieved.

Our Ethics

Why Choose Us

We aim in providing an on-going value added products and services to our customers in order to enhance their business endeavor with constant synchronized technological innovation.

To attain this vision, we abide to ensure that quality remain a continuous journey towards achieving and enhancing customer satisfaction. Thus, we are committed to continuously improve our processes so as to deliver products, solutions and services of the latest and highest level to our customers.

This vision also preset the framework for our roadmap, and at the same time guides every aspect of our business, by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable quality growth.

Eagerly, we have as mission to bring technology to Mauritius, to enrich people's lives and assist organizations in optimizing their processes by empowering them with leading edge tools facilities.

Indeed, our mission is to promote and assist technology based solutions and services, while at the same time ensuring distribution and wholesale of ICT and technology related products, within well-defined and focused business units.

To gear this challenging objectives, we also have to align these basic fundamentals ..

1. To be proactive in our approach.

2. To promote a strong orientation geared towards customers and value added services.

3. To develop the right business strategies that will always be in line with the corporate objectives.

4. To promote a sound financial management of the affairs of the company.

5. To promote the right mindset among our staff that would always generate the right corporate team spirit.

1. Quick decision making and positive approach to the business.

2. Very clear focus on key branded computer components.

3. Flexible approach to business, always try to understand our customer problems and find constructive solutions.

4. Strong industry contacts based on mutual trust and healthy relationships.

5. Performance driven to achieve and pursue the level of excellence.

6. Dedication in developing committed employees in order to satisfy our client expectations.

7. Bonding honesty, integrity & business ethic together, so as to create mutual as well as beneficial relationship with our respected partners.

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